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E cigarettes are scientifically less harmful than tobacco cigarettes and mos


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The beauty of electronic cigarettes lies with the fact that there are no dangerous tars or other toxins present in it that can cause many diseases attributed to tobacco smoking, in either the smoker or the second-hand smoker. It has been reported on numerous occasions that heavy smokers who used electronic cigarettes have quit smoking and switched to this safer alternative.

Liz Davis from State College, PA quit regular cigarettes after using electronic cigarettes. In her own words, “After one month of smoking electronic cigarettes, I no longer had the craving to smoke regular cigarettes. Four months later, I stopped smoking completely. I just keep an electronic cigarette on hand in case of an urge.”

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An e cigarette is made up of three main components: a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge containing nicotine suspended in a liquid state consisting of propylene glycol and water. The liquid mixture inside the cartridge is vaporized and enters the users’ body upon sucking the e cigarette. But unlike real tobacco cigarettes, these e cigarettes filter the nicotine from harmful chemicals and carcinogenic substances making it a much healthier and cleaner dosage.

According to Dr Kishore Deva, a Pretoria doctor who quit smoking using e cigs over a six week period, “Around 10 to 15 e cig puffs are equivalent to the same amount of nicotine delivered by a tobacco cigarette”. He added that the nicotine, present in e-cigarettes, is not responsible for the health risks that tobacco cigarettes hold.

Dr. Michael Siegel, an established professor in Boston University of Public Health also supported the benefits if smokeless cigarettes over regular cigarettes and said that the amount of volatile compounds in vapor cigarettes is in very less number as compared to other alternatives where the numbers are soaring high.

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An electronic cigarette smoker said, “I was a three pack per day smoker for nearly forty years. Electronic cigarettes have allowed me to quit smoking for the first time in my life. I feel better than I have in years. Since using the e cigarette and stopping the smoking of traditional tobacco cigarettes, my quality of life has greatly improved.”

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