Electronic Cigarette Free Trial Kits Released


E cigarettes are scientifically less harmful than tobacco cigarettes and mos


t tobacco alternatives. http://electroniccigarettehub.org releases a new electric cigarette kit with ‘Try Before You Buy’ guarantee.

The beauty of electronic cigarettes lies with the fact that there are no dangerous tars or other toxins present in it that can cause many diseases attributed to tobacco smoking, in either the smoker or the second-hand smoker. It has been reported on numerous occasions that heavy smokers who used electronic cigarettes have quit smoking and switched to this safer alternative.

Liz Davis from State College, PA quit regular cigarettes after using electronic cigarettes. In her own words, “After one month of smoking electronic cigarettes, I no longer had the craving to smoke regular cigarettes. Four months later, I stopped smoking completely. I just keep an electronic cigarette on hand in case of an urge.”

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An e cigarette is made up of three main components: a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge containing nicotine suspended in a liquid state consisting of propylene glycol and water. The liquid mixture inside the cartridge is vaporized and enters the users’ body upon sucking the e cigarette. But unlike real tobacco cigarettes, these e cigarettes filter the nicotine from harmful chemicals and carcinogenic substances making it a much healthier and cleaner dosage.

According to Dr Kishore Deva, a Pretoria doctor who quit smoking using e cigs over a six week period, “Around 10 to 15 e cig puffs are equivalent to the same amount of nicotine delivered by a tobacco cigarette”. He added that the nicotine, present in e-cigarettes, is not responsible for the health risks that tobacco cigarettes hold.

Dr. Michael Siegel, an established professor in Boston University of Public Health also supported the benefits if smokeless cigarettes over regular cigarettes and said that the amount of volatile compounds in vapor cigarettes is in very less number as compared to other alternatives where the numbers are soaring high.

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An electronic cigarette smoker said, “I was a three pack per day smoker for nearly forty years. Electronic cigarettes have allowed me to quit smoking for the first time in my life. I feel better than I have in years. Since using the e cigarette and stopping the smoking of traditional tobacco cigarettes, my quality of life has greatly improved.”

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Canon Launches New Premium Office All-In-Ones – PIXMA MX715, PIXMA MX895

Canon Launches New Premium Office All-In-Ones – PIXMA MX715, PIXMA MX895

Canon UK today announces the launch of two new premium All-in-One printers ideal for home office environments. The PIXMA MX715 and PIXMA MX895 come with enhanced functionality and connectivity features to make printing from smartphones and tablets easy.

Replacing the PIXMA MX885 and PIXMA MX870, the new PIXMA models are stylish in design and feature fast colour document print speeds. A range of business orientated features deliver improved productivity, including high-speed fax capabilities, a 35-page Duplex Auto Document Feeder (DADF) and Auto Duplex printing.


Canon launches new premium office All-In-Ones – PIXMA MX715, PIXMA MX895

Enhanced Business Productivity
The new PIXMA MX715 and PIXMA MX895 are designed with the home office user in mind and boast fast print speeds for quickly creating documents and graphics. The models produce ISO speeds of 12.5ipm for black and white documents and 9.3ipm for colour prints, and can produce an A4 copy in just 14 seconds. Canon FINE print head technology ensures photolab quality; a 1pl ink droplet size and 9600dpi print resolution produces documents and images with smooth gradations and fine detail.

For quick and easy scanning, copying and faxing of multiple page documents, both models feature a flatbed scanner, boasting 2400dpi high-resolution scanning and a 35-page Duplex Auto Document Feeder. The models also offer versatile media handling with two-way paper feeding and a self-opening paper tray.

The PIXMA MX715 and PIXMA MX895 also come with eco features. New ECO Settings software allows users to save paper through Auto Duplex printing, which enables automatic double-sided printing for greater efficiency. Minimal ink wastage is also ensured through the five separate ink tanks, which can be changed individually when they run low to reduce printing costs.

Connect and Share
The new PIXMA MX715 and PIXMA MX895 are designed to enable easy printing from smartphones and tablets with new connectivity features. Built-in Wi-Fi capability allows for scanning and copying from virtually anywhere in the office, and with Canon’s Easy Photo-Print App, PC-free printing and scanning from mobile iOS™ or Android™ devices is also quick and easy. In addition, with direct access to the cloud, users can even print their favourite photos directly from online albums, including CANON iMAGE GATEWAY and Picasa Web Albums, using the Online Album Photo Print function via the PIXMA Cloud Link. The new PIXMA printers also include a range of print-ready templates, including calendars, envelopes, stationery, memos and other useful resources, which are all available at the touch of a button with Web Template Print.

Easy Operation
The new models include a range of features to enable easy operation. Quick Start ensures the printers can start operating swiftly after powering on, for easy and quick printing on demand. Both models feature a large TFT display to easily preview and select documents and photos directly from memory cards; the MX895 features a 7.5cm display whilst the MX715 has a 6.2cm display. The new Dual Function Panel, from which the user operates the printer, features LED-lit dual purpose keys. Only the keys needed for the function being performed are lit up, for greater ease of use.

Smart Software
A comprehensive suite of intuitive software for photo and document printing and scanning comes as standard on the new MX devices. Smart and efficient web printing is enabled through Easy-WebPrint EX, which allows multiple web pages to be clipped and then combined on one page, to minimise paper and ink wastage.¹

Easy Photo-Print EX software means users can impress friends and family by creating and printing perfectly formatted photo albums and calendars. The software also offers a range of editing options, such as Red Eye Correction and Digital Face Smoothing.

The new PIXMA printers also support Full HD Movie Print, which gives users the ability to capture and print beautiful still images from Full HD video footage shot on Canon’s range of Digital SLRs or Canon Digital Still Cameras. Multiple still images from movies can also be combined to give a sense of motion to prints with the Merge Frames feature.

PIXMA MX715 – key features:
    • All-In-One with Fax, Wi-Fi & Ethernet
• Stylish black design
• Dual Function Panel
• 35-sheet Duplex ADF
• 5 Single Ink Tanks
• ISO ESAT 12.5 ipm mono / 9.3 ipm colour
• Up to 9600 dpi
• ISO A4 Copy: 14 seconds
• Auto Duplex Print
• Scan to USB memory without a PC

PIXMA MX895 – key features:
• All-in-One with Fax, Wi-Fi & Ethernet
• Stylish black design
• 7.5cm TFT display and Dual Function panel
• 35-sheet Duplex ADF
• ISO ESAT 12.5 ipm mono / 9.3 ipm colour
• PIXMA Cloud Link
• Auto Duplex Print
• ISO A4 Copy: 14 Seconds
• Scan to USB memory without a PC


The PIXMA MX715 is available from April 2012.
The PIXMA MX895 is available from April 2012.

¹With Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9 (for Windows).

Tonaro Electric Bicycles Launch In The UK

Tonaro Electric Bicycles Launch In The UK

Tonaro Electric Bicycles Launch In The UK

Tonaro electric bicycles, now available in the UK from Powerpedals, represent a true revolution in the industry. Central drive technology makes electric cycling more efficient and gives riders more freedom when shifting and when choosing how to ride.

“Every so often a radical new design comes along and changes everything. So it is with Tonaro’s patented central drive technology and electric bicycles,” said Philip Hughes of Powerpedals. “The entire drive system is housed within the pedal cranking system and the bracket mount motor enables the bikes gears to be used with the motor. This allows you to down shift for hills and to shift up to higher gears as you gain speed.”

A Tonaro electric cycle offers the following clear advantages over older bicycle technologies.

More climbing power
By working in conjunction with the bike’s gears, central drive technology produces more than twice the torque of most hub motors. This gives riders much more climbing power along with lower battery usage. The Tonaro bicycle’s pedals freewheel like an ordinary bike. Riders can pedal when they want, or even rotate the pedals backwards even while using the throttle.

Wireless and friction-free
Central drive technology bicycles boast no wires attached to the front or rear wheels. This also allows for easy changing and removal of both the front and rear quick-release wheels. Unlike hub motors, there is no resistance or drag from the motor when the power is switched off, so it can be ridden as comfortably as a traditional bicycle when assistance is not required. As a result, Tonaro riders can greatly increase their riding range over conventional electric bicycles. These next-generation cycles show no loss of traction as with front wheel hub motors, are better balanced than rear wheel hub motors, are virtually silent, and the entire drive system is maintenance free.

Riders are in complete control
Tonaro system riders select how much or how little assistance they require when climbing an incline or riding into a headwind. They can even take a break from pedalling and use the twist grip throttle alone. Riders may choose to speed along the flat in top gear with almost no effort, or get a vigorous workout by riding up hills with little or no assistance.

Tonaro electric bicycles are a revelation
By removing the exertion and perspiration, Tonaro electric bicycles highlight the pleasure of cycling, putting riders in control of the amount of effort required to ride. Use an appropriate level of power assistance to make a journey to work effortless; arrive fresh and relaxed and without needing a shower. Turn the power down or off completely, to provide a stimulating workout on the way home. Weekend cycling as a leisure pursuit becomes a completely new experience, there is no groan factor when faced with an uphill stretch, just switch the power on and the motor provides a gentle push, no extra effort is needed from you.

Electric bicycles are one of the most environmentally friendly means of personal transportation available. Purchase electricity from a green supplier the carbon footprint associated with owning a Tonaro bicycle is virtually zero.

Unlimited possibilities
A chance to get fitter: Electric bikes make long, hilly journeys less daunting, making it more likely the electric bike will actually be used, compared to a non- powered bicycle.

No hassle ownership: Under UK law electric bicycles do not qualify as “motor vehicles” so there is no need for a license, MOT or specific insurance.

Easy to “refuel”: Find a mains socket, plug in, wait a bit – you’re done!

Enjoy the benefits of cycling: Since electric bikes can be ridden on cycle tracks and other designated cycle-specific routes, riders can take advantage of the same shortcuts and lack of congestion that a regular cyclist can. No sitting in traffic, no searching for a parking place, no expensive trips to the petrol station, no CO2 emissions, more exercise. While electric bicycles are, as you would expect, more expensive than most regular push bikes, they do qualify for the government backed “cycle to work” scheme, which can save up to nearly 50% of the purchase price. http://www.powerpedals.co.uk provides access to the mycycle2work internet platform, which makes the scheme available and easy to use for even the smallest companies.