Hauppauge Digital, Inc., the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of TV tuner products for personal computers, has announced the launch of the ‘WinTV Extend for iPad’ application optimised for Apple’s iPad. ‘WinTV Extend for iPad’ allows Hauppauge WinTV Extend customers to use a native iPad application to watch live TV on their iPad, either in the home via Wi-Fi or around the world via Wi-Fi or 3G.

live on ipad


Users of Hauppauge’s ‘WinTV Extend for iPad’ can watch their favourite TV programs on their iPad in the home via their Wi-Fi network, or outside of the home any place their iPad has an Internet connection. For example, a user can be in their kitchen at home watching live TV on their iPad, or they can be in a hotel in another country and watch TV from home as long as they have either a Wi-Fi connection in the hotel or are on a 3G network.


The Hauppauge live TV system has two pieces: a TV transmitter which runs on a home or office PC, and the ‘WinTV Extend for iPad’ TV receiving application which runs on the iPad.

The live TV transmitter can be any one of the popular Hauppauge WinTV TV tuners. These PC-based TV tuners plug into a Windows based PC and connect to a user’s TV source, such as a cable or satellite TV or an over-the-air TV antenna. The WinTV TV tuner uses Hauppauge’s ‘WinTV v7.2’ application, which formats the live TV program into a form which can be watched on an iPad, and then transmits the formatted TV signal to the new Hauppauge ‘WinTV Extend for iPad’ application.

Hauppauge had previously used a Safari browser to receive the live TV signal from the WinTV TV tuner. The new ‘WinTV for iPad’ application delivers enhanced TV watching features such as a better iPad screen format, easier navigation of TV channel lists, landscape and portrait TV watching modes, the ability to play previously recorded TV programs and better network utilization on both 3G and Wi-Fi networks.

The ‘WinTV for iPad’ app is available at no charge from the Apple store. To find the ‘WinTV Extend for iPad’ app, seach for ‘WinTV’ on the Apple store.

In addition to watching live TV, a user who has recorded TV programs onto their PC’s hard disk drive using ‘WinTV v7.2’, can watch those recordings on their iPad. Like live TV, these pre-recorded TV programs can be watched either via a Wi-Fi connection in the house or anywhere the user has an Internet connection.

An overview and screen shots of the ‘WinTV for iPad’ app are available here:


Any user of a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR TV tuner, or who uses the HD PVR or Colossus HD receivers, can upgrade to’ WinTV v7.2’ at:


iPad to Kindle: ‘Move Over. You’re in My Sun’

Responding to the needs of iPad owners worldwide, iclipse™ is designed to make the iPad screen more comfortable to read outdoors. http://www.iclipsestore.com


iclipse™ is the sunshade for iPad which blocks sunlight and ambient daylight glare that produces a “washed-out” screen. iclipse™ enhances the usefulness and enjoyment of the


iPad by allowing people to use it just about anywhere.


For over a year, Amazon Kindle has been touting that its e-ink screen is easy to read, even in bright sunlight – going head-to-head against the iPad and other tablet computers with backlit LCD screens. However, for those who prefer an LCD screen device like iPad, using iclipse™ is the smart solution for the user who wants to read and surf the web on an iPad outdoors in bright light.

“The clean, simple design is the key to its effectiveness and usability.” said Michael Diliberto, creator and product designer of iclipse™. “iclipse™ immediately solves an iPad weakness when used outdoors, yet at the same time, makes the iPad more useful in more situations.”

iclipse™ not only solves the outdoor readability issue, it also enhances the workflow for anyone who wants to use the iPad in the field, like outdoor photographers, filmmakers, contractors and boaters to name a few.

iclipse™ also aids in data privacy for those who want to keep information away from prying eyes by creating a shield which blocks the view of curious onlookers. With iclipse™, the iPad can be used in close quarters such as airplanes, trains or high traffic areas like a local coffee shop. No matter the location, iclipse™ helps to prevent others from looking over the users shoulder to browse their digital data.

How iclipse™ works

  • iclipse™ creates a dark hood around the iPad to block sunlight, daylight and reflections while maintaining a comfortable viewing angle for reading and typing.
  • Patent pending design is one-piece construction – there are no extra parts.
  • Made in the USA of tough, durable polyethylene – highly rated by the EPA for being environmentally friendly.
  • Fits iPad and iPad2 with the cover on – no need to remove it. (Fits Apple and most third-party covers up to 9 7/8 inches wide.)
  • Fits easily into a briefcase or purse when folded.
  • Nothing ever touches the screen with no need to attach anything to iPad.
  • Unfolds in seconds. And folds flat just as fast.
  • Perfect for users who need to work privately.

Where can I get iclipse™?

iclipse™ is $34.95 with free shipping in the US and Canada.
It is available at iclipsestore.com.

Ipad Audio Editing Software Released- WavePad Audio Editor New iPad HD Version


Ipad Audio Editing Software Released- WavePad Audio Editor New iPad HD Version

Pocket WavePad HD Audio Editing Software has been released for the Apple iPad.

This new release is an upgrade from the iPhone version of WavePad from October 2010, and takes full advantage of the iPad’s larger screen for precise audio selection and editing for iPad users.

“I can’t wait for the iPad version of WavePad to arrive,” WavePad user and audio aficionado Andrew Wardell told Gadgets and Technology News.

“The very tactile method of manipulating audio in this app, combined with the amount and quality of features NCH has packed in has made iOS a serious competitor in the mobile audio editing space.”

The iPad Pocket WavePad HD Audio Editor will provide a remarkably easy way to record and edit audio, voice and other sound recordings while on the go. Recordings can be exported from Pocket WavePad for you to share, use, or even broadcast later.

WavePad is a hugely popular audio editing program with over two million downloads of the desktop version, and over 15,000 downloads of the Pocket WavePad iPhone App in just the past three months.

Features include:

  • Easy audio recording
  • Trim, cut and edit recordings
  • Normalize audio levels
  • Apply audio effects including amplify, echo, reverse and more
  • Reduce background noise
  • Email or upload recorded or edited audio
  • Import and export files with iTunes file sharing

Users of Pocket WavePad and Pocket WavePad HD should also try NCH Software’s other audio software such as Switch MP3 Converter, and MixPad Multitrack Recording and Mixing Software, as well their other iPhone apps including Pocket Dictate Dictation Software, TempoPerfect Metronome Software and PitchPerfect Guitar Tuner.