Week of hearings, testimonies and votes on agenda for Trump administration


Week of hearings, testimonies and votes on agenda for Trump administration

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) told NBC, "I don't know the basis for President Trump's assertion". Trump's reliance on a Fox News report for his claim on British involvement, and not the testimony of his intelligence agencies, appears to indicate the most powerful man in the world is operating in a realm of conspiracy theories rather than facts.

"Were there USA persons who were helping the Russians in any way?" House Speaker Paul Ryan, as well as the chairmen and top Democrats on the House and Senate intelligence committees, have said they have seen no evidence to back the claim. "And what can we do to protect not only ourselves in the future and our allies who are facing the same Russian onslaught right now?"

"We'll see what Director Comey testifies about", Cotton said. "There's certainly enough for us to conduct an investigation".

"Was there a physical wiretap of Trump Tower? No". Officials in London were livid that White House spokesman Sean Spicer cited an unsubstantiated report that Britain's Government Communications Headquarters - the British equivalent of the Central Intelligence Agency - had been used by Obama in the operation.

A Justice Department official brought a binder of documents to Capitol Hill late Friday and allowed members to view it in a secure room but not keep copies for themselves.

The president repeatedly insisted last week that former President Barack Obama had Trump Tower put under surveillance late last fall.

Comey, 56, hasn't testified publicly since before the election.

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If it is proven that Trump and Russian Federation worked together to win the election, Democrats will be in a position to use the Russian Federation scandal as an issue in House races.

Not surprisingly, Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking member on the House intelligence committee, also agreed there was no evidence to back up the accusation. That rift makes "a bipartisan, thoughtful, thorough investigation" essential, he said.

The House intelligence committee is to begin hearings Monday into Russia's role in cybersecurity breaches at the Democratic National Committee, as well as President Donald Trump's unsubstantiated claim that his predecessor had authorized a wiretap of Trump Tower. And congressional and public attention has turned to possible relations between Trump and Russian Federation.

The issue of wiretapping first surfaced last month, when Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn was forced to resign after it was revealed he had misled top officials over his contacts with the Russian ambassador to Washington to discuss sanctions Obama had just announced against Russia over the election hacking.

The Senate intelligence committee and the Federal Bureau of Investigation also are probing Russian involvement in the election.

He added, "There was no FISA warrant that I'm aware of to tap Trump Tower" - a reference to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, a federal law that governs the issuance of search warrants in USA intelligence gathering. Intelligence agencies are known to listen in on communications by ambassadors, but the contents of those calls aren't normally disclosed.

"No evidence of collusion", Nunes told the Fox News broadcaster, answering the question if there was evidence of any links between Russian Federation and Trump campaign. "No, but there never was, and the information we got on Friday continues to lead us in that direction", Nunes stressed. In an aside during a March 8 speech, the director indicated he has no intention of leaving voluntarily. "No", she said, adding that she ultimately wants Trump, like any president of the United States, to be successful.



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