Book Review - Art of Coloring: Beauty and the Beast


Book Review - Art of Coloring: Beauty and the Beast

Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" has enchanted the box office, opening to an astonishing $170 million in North America and $350 million globally, and establishing a number of new box-office records in the process. Beauty and the Beast is presently one of the most successfully running films at the theatres which have come up with good reviews.

In a sign of its popularity, Beauty and the Beast topped the box office in almost every market where it screened.

It's $170 million weekend exceeds the industry's expectations of a $165 million opening and also makes back the film's production budget, which was at $160 million.

While promoting the film, Beauty and the Beast's director, Bill Condon, told Attitude magazine that LeFou had feelings for his handsome friend.

Beauty and the Beast now boasts the seventh-biggest domestic opening for any film outside of summer, with the exception of December 2015's Disney blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The previous record was set past year, in 2016, by "Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice", earning a total of $166 million. It remains to be seen just how much "Beauty and the Beast" ultimately takes in, but it appears destined to become part of the billion-dollar club.

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It's been a fairytale beginning for Beauty and the Beast: Disney's live-action remake starring Emma Watson has bagged some major box office numbers.

Universal and Blumhouse's Get Out, a thriller about a black man whose girlfriend's white family holds a sinister secret, grabbed fourth position.

The film's PG rating, mid-March release, casting, and mix of both new and classic songs helped lead to the film's big opening, Degarabedian said. While that means not only is Emma Watson certifiably bankable, but so is a Disney live-action remake. Malaysia refused to play the film because it included a gay character after Disney declined to edit four minutes from the picture.

Watson was reportedly offered Dollars three million upfront, but her profits will likely end up being considerably larger upon the film's total gross.



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