US Continues to Debate: Is Health Care a Right or a Privilege?


US Continues to Debate: Is Health Care a Right or a Privilege?

She said despite a link between entrepreneurship and the Affordable Care Act, it hasn't really come up in the debate over health care.

The push to cut even more puts House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump in a bind. But if people let their insurance lapse for 63 days, they will have to pay a 30 percent penalty when they buy a new policy.

This week, CNN's Jake Tapper covers some of the reasons to doubt Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price's claim that "nobody will be worse off financially" under the GOP health care plan.

Republicans argue that work requirements better prepare participants to transition off government assistance and into jobs. It was especially geared toward the non-rich, including those who earn less than the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), Medicaid recipients, and most of those who are low-wage earners, seniors and disabled. "So, what you have to look forward to is a big jump in your health-care cost".

But in Los Angeles, there's more structural diversity among hospitals and medical groups. It would essentially set in stone the reimbursement rate the feds now give to Illinois' Medicaid system.

Marking the first major split in the Republican party under the Trump Administration, it appears that some Republican lawmakers are ready and willing to strike down the newly proposed AHCA, or Trumpcare, partisan politics be damned.

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The new funding formula could also reduce or eliminate coverage for millions of people.

These changes to Medicaid would likely further reduce the number of people covered under the program.

Driven by the ways in which the bill would seriously harm Americans 50 and older, AARP has chose to make the decision on final passage in the House "an accountability vote".

This bill has as one of its centerpieces a tax-cut for investors that would primarily benefit people making over $250,000 a year. That's $700 less than people would spend under Obamacare - which did not provide higher earners with any subsidies - but still a significant portion of their income, he said.

AARP is calling one facet of the plan an "age tax".

The CBO said that the Republican plan would make insurance so unaffordable that older people would be forced to go without, leaving mostly the younger, healthier people to join insurance plans. The CBO projected that premiums would be 20% to 25% higher for a 64-year-old in 2026 than they would be under Obamacare. Under the plan, only individuals earning less than $75,000 a year (or $150,000 annually for a family) will qualify for a tax credit, which would start at $2,000 a year for younger people and rise to a maximum of $4,000 a year for people 60 and older. Analyses published since the House Republicans unveiled the AHCA - from Forbes Magazine opinion editor Avik Roy and the non-partisan financial services company Standard and Poor's to the nonprofit public policy organization The Brookings Institution - reached similar conclusions before the CBO released its score.



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