Intruder with backpack arrested after breaking into the White House


Intruder with backpack arrested after breaking into the White House

In 2015, the Secret Service added spikes to the top of the fence on the north and south sides of the White House grounds as a temporary deterrent to jumpers.

The suspect scaled an outer perimeter fence at the president's Washington residence before being apprehended by uniformed Secret Service officers, the agency said on Saturday.

Authorities said the person was carrying a backpack that was searched.

Officials said the individual, who was not identified, had been arrested "without further incident".

Officials placed the White House under security condition "orange" after the incident, which is one of the highest levels of security for the Secret Service.

They have no idea what the security plan of the White House actually looks like on the ground. He had the mace in a jacket pocket and a book bag with a book on the President, a United States passport and an Apple laptop computer.

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That's when Tran replied that he did not have a pass and that he had an appointment with the President and had jumped the fence, the report said.

The man did not have a meeting with Trump, according to the Secret Service, and the president was subsequently briefed on the matter. He was charged with entering restricted grounds while carrying a risky weapon and is expected to appear in federal court Monday.

"This is really troubling", said Jonathan Wackrow, an ex-Secret Service agent. President Trump is reportedly at the presidential residence this weekend.

President Donald Trump praised the Secret Service response and referred to Tran as a "troubled person".

Several security breaches happened during Barack Obama's presidency too. Tran also alleged in the letter that his phone and email communications had been intercepted by third parties, and that he had been accused of being schizophrenic. And in 2014, a man carrying a knife made it inside the White House before he was arrested.



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