Windows 10's Creators Update may nerf a workaround to mandatory updates


Windows 10's Creators Update may nerf a workaround to mandatory updates

The former software engineer then goes on to suggest that the low adoption rate of Windows 10 might be the real reason for Microsoft's scrapping of support for older operating systems on newer CPUs.

According to Microsoft's support pages, it's been long known that newer hardware will eventually be Windows 10-only.

Today, when Microsoft released Build 15060 to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring, they hit a milestone when it comes to the number of builds released for Redstone 2 as compared to the Anniversary Updates Redstone 1 development.

Unless Microsoft sees the outrage which has erupted in some corners of the internet over this, accusing them of engaging in another underhand way to push Windows 10 upgrades - and the company thinks better of it.

Though the Surface Pro 5 was previously speculated to arrive with Intel's latest Kaby Lake processor, new reports now claim that the upcoming hybrid tablet will be powered by AMD's new Ryzen processor.

Going forward, as new silicon generations are introduced, they will require the latest Windows platform at that time for support. That popular edition would be fully supported on six-generation processors - Intel's were dubbed "Skylake" - until July 17, 2017.

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PS3 also lent a hand to some notable trends that we give for granted these days, by supporting streaming services such as Netflix. PLAYSTATION have announced that gamers can stream the latest PS4 games and play them without forking out for the console.

Microsoft had worked hard to make Vista (codename Longhorn) a more secure operating system, after Redmond noted industry concerns about security vulnerabilities and susceptibility to malware and viruses of previous Windows incarnations.

Users can still install Windows 7 or 8.1 on these CPU architectures and CPU drivers will continue to work.

Microsoft cannot know the local circumstances of each user, particularly when it comes to data cost, and despite the importance of updates this should be an area where the user remains in control.

AMD Ryzen chips have just started becoming available.

So hold on tight because something tells me there are more builds to be installed before we reach that final one leading up to the Creators Update GA.

This was expected sooner or later, but the software giant could be a little too harsh, as it is now forcing users to upgrade to Windows 10 instead of continuing to use the older operating systems. That support policy made sense in bygone days, when PCs and operating systems evolved at a relatively slow pace.



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