SNP Views Postponement of Scottish Referendum After Brexit as Democratic Outrage


SNP Views Postponement of Scottish Referendum After Brexit as Democratic Outrage

"In 2014, I know from speaking to Polish nationals, I knocked on doors in my constituency, majority bought the line which has now turned out to be a falsehood that if they voted No in the referendum they'd be allowed to stay working and living here inside the European Union", said Hendry. Theresa May said now was "not the time" for a referendum - but did not say when the correct time would be.

Ms Sturgeon told STV News on Friday: " Just because the Prime Minister has said No does not mean I immediately scurry off and say "well, that's that".

Theresa May, pictured last night rejecting Ms Sturgeon's demand, has gambled on a belief Scottish voters do not want to go through another referendum battle so soon after the last one and before Brexit.

Christian Allard, a French-born former SNP MSP and candidate for the forthcoming local election, said: "A Tory prime minister didn't want me to vote in the referendum past year, this one doesn't want me to vote in #ScotRef, quelle surprise!"

The UK's Scottish Minister David Mundell has ruled out any discussion on the procedure to launch a vote now, saying there can be no negotiations on Section 30 of the Scotland Act, the relevant mechanism authorising the Scottish Parliament to act. If it does, that is what I will do.

Pledging to defend the "precious, precious Union", Mrs May said she wanted the country to become more, not less, united - "one that our children and grandchildren are proud to call home".

It is for the Scottish Parliament - not Downing Street - to determine the timing of a referendum.

Asked repeatedly if a consultative referendum is on the table, she said there are "various options".

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As I say, we've been joined together for over 300 years.

The franchise for a second referendum would have to be agreed upon by the United Kingdom and Scottish governments, but it's unclear whether or not European Union nationals will maintain current voting rights after the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

"It is essential that we get the right deal, and that all of our efforts and energies as a country are focused on that outcome".

Sturgeon will seek approval in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh for a new vote next Wednesday, but London has the right to block the request. "We have seen that tunnel vision on display again this week".

Speaking about the Prime Minister, he added: " This is potentially productive for her politically, even though it's high stakes, it may well be helpful for her politically, and it's important to remember that".

Swinney said he is confident MSPs will agree to a repeat of the 2014 vote to bring Scotland out of the UK.

On the first day of its meeting, deputy leader Angus Robertson said Scotland will "no doubt" have another independence referendum, and that no prime minister should "dare to stand in the way".

"Such a process would make Scotland the laughing stock of the world".



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