President Trump: Changes to GOP health bill will garner support


The budget panel by 19-17 passed the American Health Care Act, which now heads to the House Rules Committee. Republicans can not afford to lose more than three from their ranks on the committee for it to pass.

As things stand now, at least four GOP senators are against the House bill: Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Mike Lee of Utah, who say they want a more complete repeal of Obamacare, and Susan Collins of ME, who said the House bill would "not be well received" in the Senate and stands no chance of passing.

'Every single person sitting in this room is now a yes.' He said he got a dozen commitments, although a list of attendees put out by the White House was more of a 'baker's dozen'. With Democrats expected to vote as a bloc against the legislation, Republicans can afford to lose only 21 votes to pass the bill through the House.

Public posturing by conservatives and moderates in Ryan's party is leaving little middle ground for compromise, and it's unclear whether modest revisions will be enough to secure passage of the measure.

"We constantly get feedback, we constantly get suggestions from members, and we're working on bridging those gaps to make improvements to the bill so that we have a bill that can pass", he said.

Amid continued conservative opposition and talk of changes, House leaders remained optimistic about the bill's prospects. Health secretary Tom Price was using phone calls to lobby Republican governors, some of whom - with home-state GOP members of Congress - oppose the bill's phaseout of Obama's expansion of Medicaid to 11 million additional lower-income Americans.

Govs. John Kasich of Ohio, Rick Snyder of Michigan, Brian Sandoval of Nevada and Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas said Thursday in a letter that the beleaguered legislation "provides nearly no new flexibility for states", fails to ensure enough resources to protect vulnerable residents, and shifts significant new costs to states.

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The job of the whip team has only been made more hard this week by a non-partisan Congressional Budget Office score showing that 24 million more Americans could be uninsured in the next decade if the Republican bill to repeal Obamacare is passed.

'The Speaker said this a minute ago, he didn't say the specifics of it, but he said that some tweaks will be made to the tax credits and probably that's the older - old geezers like me that are 55 and up, ' Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.) said, The Hill reported.

He said his group has spoken with Senate Republicans about potential changes and will propose an amendment on Monday. He said he believes they have not agreed to quickly phase out an expansion of Medicaid, another conservative demand.

At the same time, other House Republicans say the bill goes too far, saying it would hurt seniors and low income constituents - and by inference their own political futures. They won't vote, no matter what we do, they're not going to vote.

Earlier in the day, Pence told House conservatives that the administration was open to changes. It would cut Medicaid, repeal the law's tax increases on higher earning Americans and allow 30 percent higher premiums for consumers who let coverage lapse. Experts said the report undercuts Republican claims that the health law's insurance markets are teetering toward collapse, which they say makes repealing the law crucial.

The House GOP bill repeals elements of the Obama law, including the "individual mandate" that penalizes people who don't have insurance. The rally was organized by FreedomWorks, a conservative group backed by the billionaire Koch brothers.



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