McDonald's blames hacker for tweet attacking Trump


McDonald's blames hacker for tweet attacking Trump

McDonald's said one of its Twitter feeds was compromised on Thursday after the fast-food chain's corporate account sent out a message insulting President Donald Trump.

The brand clarified that Twitter had notified it that the account had been "compromised", adding that it was working on investigating the incident. This way a company's social media accounts, and anything posted on them, can be shared between its community managers, copy editors, marketers, and anyone else involved to ensure nothing is published without official approval.

It was especially important that McDonald's explain the situation as quickly as possible, Faber says, and demonstrate that they were taking steps to rectify the mistake.

US President Donald Trump said today that he has reached the position where he is now because of Twitter and the social media platform helps him get around the media.

McDonald's Corporation was quick to remove the anti-Trump Tweet from its Twitter account.

The posting was removed shortly after it went up, and the company later addressed the offensive tweet. Twitter Inc allows for two-factor authentication, a security feature that would deter many attempts to seize an account.

Interestingly enough, Trump was involved in a McDonald's commercial in 2002.

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The authorities had earlier requested Interpol's help in the case to apprehend the suspects. The four men are Ri Ji Hyon, 33, Hong Song Hac, 34, O Jong Gil, 55, and Ri Jae Nam, 57.

Moreover, most twitter trends die within 10-12 hours and users move on to something else.

The fast-food giant has, however, also said it's been affected by the contentious election. The tweet that also called for return of former president Barack Obama was briefly pinned to the top of company's corporate account and then deleted.

The tweet was posted at 9:16 a.m. ET and was retweeted hundreds of times before it was deleted.

On Thursday morning, Ronald McDonald took a shot at the size of the president's hands.

McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook has previously spoken favorably about Trump's presidency, specifically about his proposal to reduce business regulations.

"I've put together some really impressive deals, but this thing you've pulled off, it's unbelievable", Trump tells McDonald's purple mascot, Grimace, referring to McDonald's Dollar Menu.

To be fair, we don't know who the hacker was.



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