Surveillance video shows ball of fire after SUV hits gas pump


Surveillance video shows ball of fire after SUV hits gas pump

Bus passengers in the city's central east told Komo News they spotted the Nissan Xterra travelling at high speed when it clipped a Honda Accord, causing the smaller vehicle to cross a median strip and smash into a tree. The auto ended up hitting a tree and split in half.

After hitting the Accord, the SUV continued down the road, hopped a curb, went through a parking lot, then barreled through the gas station.

A two-car collision in Seattle sent an SUV careening into a gas station, where it slammed into a gas pump, knocking it about 35 feet away and starting a fire Monday night.

Huge flames after a gas station crash on Holman Rd and 4th Ave NW in Seattle.

The 35-year-old driver of the Accord was the most seriously hurt in the freaky incident.

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The driver of the Civic was seriously injured and died on Wednesday, according to Harborview Medical Center. The SUV driver tried to brake and lost control-possibly after getting a flat tire.

The Uber, which was also carrying a 40-year-old passenger, went two blocks further before crashing through the pumps and setting off a fireball at a Shell station at Holman Road and Fourth Avenue Northwest.

Seattle police say the SUV was a rideshare vehicle. Per officials, she was taken to the hospital with possible minor injuries.

The SUV driver was transported to a hospital where a sample of his blood was taken.

"We will work with the Seattle Police Department to assist in their investigation".



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