Trump says EPA will reopen review of 2025 emissions rules


Trump says EPA will reopen review of 2025 emissions rules

The Trump Administration is replete with climate change deniers, they claim -most notable of them the president himself, who has called climate change a Chinese "hoax," and EPA chief Pruitt, who has connections to the fossil fuel industry. Days ahead of Trump's inauguration, Obama EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy announced the review was complete. The new rules "threaten to depress an industry that can ill afford spiraling regulatory costs", Mitch Bainwol, chief executive of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, wrote in a February 27 letter to Pruitt.

The CAFE standards that set fuel efficiency marks for the auto industry will be reopened for review.

The White House says it wants to revisit the fuel efficiency standards set forth by the Obama administration that are scheduled to go into place by 2025. For comparison, a new Toyota Camry now gets about 33 miles per gallon on freeways; less in cities.

President Trump touted "a new industrial revolution" and "cancelled" one of his predecessor's last moves - stricter environmental standards for motor vehicles - in a speech Wednesday in MI. The automakers said the rule could add thousands of dollars to the price of new cars and cost thousands of jobs. Electric auto innovator Tesla pushed for more stringent standards.

The official added that automakers "rightly called foul" on the Obama administration's decision to lock in the emissions standards for 2022-2025 on January 12 - 14 months ahead of schedule. "Trump campaigned on a promise to cut corporate lobbying, but today's announcement unmasks another empty promise to American voters".

Obama busted the pledge of a thorough midterm review of the 54.5 mpg target on his way out the door, his last gift to climate alarmists and final kick in the gut to Detroit's carmakers.

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It will take a lengthy process, based on factual evidence, to overturn that report's conclusion that automakers have met the standards to date at lower cost and using less expensive electrification than projected, and will be able to do so through 2025. “I worry that a settlement approach would be less democratic than a full rulemaking to rescind the tailpipe standards.”. As it stands, California essentially gets to write its own rules, which are followed by other states with much of the USA population.

The effort hands a victory to industry officials, provoking criticism from Democrats and environmental groups.

"The thinking is that when you re-open the review of the standards, that there's a very good chance that it won't be a strong a standard", Tolbert said.

"The assault on the American auto industry is over", the president said, before explaining the government is setting up a task force in every federal agency to "identify and remove any regulation that undermines American auto production, and any other kind of production". Wherever it takes us, we will be resisting.”.

“Well obviously be resisting any kind of rollback fiercely, ” said Roland Hwang, who leads the energy and transportation program at the nonprofit Natural Resources Defense Council.



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