Dad interrupted by kids during interview opens up about that hilarious moment


Dad interrupted by kids during interview opens up about that hilarious moment

Although Kelly was straight-faced and rather embarrassed during the untimely interruption, and Jung-A was in a blind panic trying to swiftly extricate them from the room, it looks like they both have seen the amusing side of things in retrospect.

Kelly said he noticed immediately on his screen that his child had entered the room.

Robert Kelly has broken his silence after he and his family became a viral sensation when he was participating in a live interview with the BBC and his children and wife came crashing into the room causing "chaos".

Mr Kelly, a professor of political science at Pusan National University in Busan, South Korea, was being asked about the impeachment of president Park Geun-hye.

To set worldwide minds at ease, the BBC checked in with the Kelly family, who said they too laughed at the video, and no one got in trouble. "We're fine. Getting better and better", Ms Kim said. "It's amusing", Kelly told James Menendez, the BBC presenter who did the original interview.

"Everybody we know seemed to think it was pretty hysterical", Professor Kelly told the BBC.

Remember that video of the professor giving a serious interview about South Korea when his two kids barged into the room?

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"Oh yeah, we just laughed".

Kim added that the family had "laughed a lot" watching the clip and been touched by the worldwide response from media outlets and fellow parents. "They're little kids and that's how things are", he said.

Many found the candid moment amusing and endearing, but the panicked demeanour of Robert's wife as she rushed to get the kids out of the study caused some to (unfairly) assume that she was the nanny.

But Kim told BBC she hopes people will stop arguing about the video.

She said: "People should just enjoy it and not argue over it". "I'm not the nanny". Professor Kelly said that he completely understood why people found it amusing to catch a regular family off guard.

"I will be surprised if they do...."



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