Cobra Keeps Ocala on Its Toes


Cobra Keeps Ocala on Its Toes

The suphan, tan-and-yellow and monocled cobra was reported missing by its owner Brian Purdy, who has a venomous reptile permit, around 11.15pm Monday.

The snake escaped from a home in the 900 block of Northeast 9th Street in Ocala.

Workman said an apprentice learning to care for venomous snakes was checking on the cobra, opened the cover of the cage and the snake slithered out.

A snake handler at Reptile World in St. Cloud told WFTV that she has worked with hundreds of cobras at a time for 20 years, and she's never been bitten. The newspaper said while Purdy was at work, the apprentice was in Purdy's sealed reptile room. "(I) kept listening for it", Nina Snyder, who lives nearby, said.

So, how does one lose track of a 2-foot-long cobra? "(I'm) scared and don't know what to do", he said.

Residents were alerted about the loose snake and encouraged to contact the FWC if they happened to spot it in the area.

Here in Central Florida, once a risky and invasive snake escapes, the natural thing to do is create some sort of parody social media account.

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Officials with FWC do annual inspections for reptile owners.

Purdy said he wasn't home when the snake escaped. "During interaction with the snake, the snake got out of its cage".

A highly venomous snake is the subject of a manhunt Tuesday afternoon.

In September 2015, an eight-foot cobra escaped from an Orlando home, noted CBS News, and was found a month later beneath an Orlando woman's clothes dryer.

The cobra belonged to Mike Kennedy, host of the Discovery Channel's "Airplane Repo", and he was licensed to have the cobra, according to FWC.

Kennedy's trial is set to start Wednesday.



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