Joe Biden SXSW Speech: Cancer Fight 'the Only Bipartisan Thing Left'


Joe Biden SXSW Speech: Cancer Fight 'the Only Bipartisan Thing Left'

The cancer moonshot initiative, Biden said, began when he had decided not to run for president in the 2016 election and was ready to announce it in the White House Rose Garden. "Your government, that many of you don't like, is the vehicle of how this gets done". Joe and his wife, Jill, formed the foundation in February after he launched and led the White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force during his a year ago as VP.

Biden stressed the need for collaboration across borders as well, calling cancer "dreaded" throughout the world.

The following October, Biden delivered his first report for the Cancer Moonshot Task Force, including recommendations on cancer prevention, and wider access to care and cancer research trials. "I'm confident that the new administration, once it gets organized-and I'm not being facetious-will be as enthusiastic of ending cancer as we know it", he said. A year after President Barack Obama took the South by Southwest stage, Biden and wife Dr. Jill Biden arrived in Austin to appeal to the festival's technology entrepreneurs, developers, and engineers: "You're the future", Biden said.

In a rallying cry to convince the "most innovative minds in the world" to join him in his efforts, Biden conveyed a message of hope on Sunday afternoon in Austin, Texas.

The Biden Foundation's Cancer Initiative has already made strides in bringing various stakeholders to the table to work together. The former vice president argued that EHR data has been siloed "by design" and expressed visible frustration that algorithms on Facebook could identify someone with suicidal ideation, but medical centers cannot "find and test people at risk for certain cancers".

But Biden remains optimistic that these roadblocks can be overcome, he said. "I would have loved to have been the president who presides over the end of cancer as we know it", Biden told his then-boss.

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"Guess what? The only bipartisan thing left in America is the fight against cancer", he said. Even those who work in technology as entertainment can innovate in ways to fight cancer in unexpected ways, he said.

"We're excited to have Vice President Biden address the creative innovators and entrepreneurs that attend SXSW", said the festival's chief programming officer, Hugh Forrest.

While his talk was largely apolitical, politics were referenced - though through the prism of fighting cancer and other diseases.

"By aggregating and sharing millions of patients' data, by sharing super computing power of one million, billion calculations per second, we can understand why one therapy treatment works for one person, and not another", Biden said. A year earlier, Biden had lost his son to brain cancer at the age of 46.

Ever since Donald Trump pulled the biggest upset in USA political history, and quite frankly even before that, the divide among Democrats and Republicans, progressives and conservatives, has escalated into a civil war of words, and threatens to stop any sort of progress in getting anything through Congress.



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