Potential winter storm could hit southern Wisconsin


Potential winter storm could hit southern Wisconsin

Blowing Snow: Wind-driven snow that reduces visibility and causes significant drifting. Partly cloudy skies will follow into Saturday night, with a low around 12.

As of this writing, snow is filling in from northwest to southeast across New Jersey.

Fierce winds cranked up to 50 miles per hour earlier on Thursday in many communities. There are no longer winter storm warnings in effect for the mountains. "There can be up to an inch or two of accumulation, though that accumulation is most likely to be on colder surfaces, such as auto tops, picnic tables, things of that sort". Some mixing with rain will be possible, especially south of Interstate 195.

The National Weather Service has issued winter weather advisories in New York City and other portions of the northeast including Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

"It remains hard to pinpoint exactly where the heaviest (precipitation) banding will be", the NWS says in its forecast discussion, "but a general 3 to 5 inches of snow is forecast". Temperatures will drop to the 30s by early Saturday morning.

Behind the snow will come the bitter, piercing cold.

Old Man Winter is expected to visit the Wyoming Valley tonight and through Friday night, as the region could see some snowfall and much colder temperatures.

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Old Man Winter isn't done with us yet as colder air will be pushing in for the weekend. Next week, a Nor'easter may bring heavy snow and wind to the Northeast.

Throughout the weekend, temperatures will struggle to get past the low 30s.

On Saturday afternoon, showers will push in at first, changing to a mix of rain and snow late in the day and into snow by sunset.

"Sprawling high pressure over Canada will continue oozing southward across much of the central and eastern USA through the weekend, bringing much colder temperatures that are more typical of January to locations east of the Rockies", says the National Weather Service (NWS).

The image below, from a group of simulations from the European model, shows the likelihood of at least six inches of snow in Washington between Monday night and Tuesday night. The chance of precipitation is 60%.

The GFS forecast map for Tuesday is pretty impressive.



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