Los Gatos: Jewish community center evacuated for bomb threat


Los Gatos: Jewish community center evacuated for bomb threat

State Representative Jack Williams has released a statement condemning the recent bomb threats at the Jewish Community Center in Birmingham. Kirsten Gillibrand and signed by 18 of her Senate colleagues urges the Department of Homeland Security to increase funding for a key grant program that could help Jewish community centers and other religious organizations respond to an uptick in hate crimes and threats. "Our community must stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends in the Jewish community and demand that these cowardly acts stop immediately".

Federal officials have been investigating more than 122 bomb threats called in to Jewish organizations in three dozen states since January 9 as well as a rash of vandalism at Jewish cemeteries, the Associated Press reported.

The ADL's offices in NY and San Francisco have also been targeted.

The increasing frequency of threats made against Jewish institutions across the country has prompted all 100 US senators to sign a letter appealing to the Trump administration to address this national concern.

The Jewish Association for the Aged in Brooklyn was evacuated Friday morning after receiving a bomb threat. The police were alerted and are investigating.

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"In response to this threat, I am directing the New York State Police to coordinate with federal and local law enforcement to launch a full investigation into this matter".

"We have not seen anything like this in many years, this level of hatred directed against the Jewish community, this many threats".

Still, we are frustrated with the progress in resolving this situation.

On its Twitter feed Friday, the ADL posted information gleaned from the U.S. Attorney's complaint and media portraying Thompson as a former journalist-he was sacked from his job at the online news site The Intercept for inventing quotes and sources-who had recently "became more hostile to whites in general".



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