AT&T copied Verizon and Sprint on the unlimited plan


AT&T copied Verizon and Sprint on the unlimited plan

As part of its own new plans, which go live on Friday, AT&T will be matching Verizon's latest plan, offering four lines for $180 (a single line is $100), with no television subscription service required.

All four major cellphone providers now offer unlimited plans, a major reversal from a few years ago. Like Tmo and Sprint, AT&T had an unlimited plan, but it's making some changes. Then T-Mobile doubled down, eliminating restrictions on HD video for T-Mobile One unlimited data customers.

Prior to this week, Sprint and T-Mobile's basic unlimited plans offered unlimited data, but did not include 10GB of hotspot data. No word yet on the amount mobile hotspot data (if any) will be included in the plan.

AT&T actually brought back an unlimited plan months earlier than Sprint and T-mobile, but limited it to subscribers of its DirecTV or U-verse pay video services.

AT&T Unlimited Plan will include unlimited talk, text and data on 4 lines for $180.

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Those who switch to Sprint and trade in a qualifying smartphone on this plan can lease an iPhone 7 for 18 months for $0 monthly payments. The new offer will get you up to five lines now for only $90, but that plan only lasts until March of 2018.

Following Verizon's decision to introduce an unlimited plan once again and T-Mobile upping its plan in response, Sprint has now chose to throw its hat in the ring as well.

HD video streams as part of Sprint's plan are up to 1080p-not 4k-music at up to 1.5Mbps, and gaming streams at up to 8Mbps. Earlier this week, Verizon brought back unlimited data, clearly anxious about studies showing that T-Mobile was closing the gap in network coverage and speed (long used as Verizon's justification for higher prices).

Are you happy to see improvements being made to unlimited data plans? T-Mobile will now stream unlimited video at a minimum 720p as opposed to the YouTube quality 480p it was streaming unlimited video at, on its Binge On plans.



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