What Trump Considers for Next move in Immigration, Travel Ban


What Trump Considers for Next move in Immigration, Travel Ban

Thursday's ruling from three judges on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which upheld a freeze on the Trump Administration's anti-Muslim travel ban, was obviously a significant legal setback for the White House.

The three members of the Ninth Circuit Court panel who rejected the administration's arguments to reinstate Mr. Trump's travel ban on refugees and people from select Muslim countries has persuaded Mr. Trump to lash out at the nay-saying judges. These three judges have given Trump an opportunity to re-frame his "Executive Order: Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States" so that it benefits from a strategic approach to fighting terrorism at home and overseas. It attracted a huge audience, with more than 130,000 alone tuned in to the court's YouTube site to hear audio. The two states are suing to invalidate the ban.

Did the executive order discriminate against Muslims? No. He added that the "concern for terrorism from those connected to radical Islamic sects is hard to deny". The ban, imposed by executive order last month, hit tens of thousands of visa holders who were blocked from entering the United States or detained after their arrival.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the administration is looking at its options.

Trump said Thursday that he did not believe the unanimous decision undercut his presidency and tweeted, "SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!" in response.

Under questioning from Clifton, Flentje did not dispute that Trump and Giuliani made the statements. If any of them were to pass away, and that were to coincide with a hostile Democratic Congress, then Trump's "accomplishments" are likely to be overturned just as he has been doing with those of Obama's.

Friedland also asked whether the government has any evidence connecting the seven nations to terrorism. Flentje cited a number of Somalis in the US who, he said, had been connected to the al-Shabab terrorist group.

On this edition of CoastLine, we explore what the Executive Order could mean for people in southeastern North Carolina. As a result, the current US Supreme Court is equally divided among four liberal and four conservative justices.

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Miller said various legal scenarios were being weighed, including an appeal in the 9th Circuit or seeking an emergency stay at the Supreme Court. Several states insist that it is unconstitutional.

No foreign-born citizens of the countries listed have committed acts of terrorism in the US since 2001.

Purcell said that restraining order has not harmed the US government.

The opinion asserted that under the Fifth Amendment Due Process clause, the executive order violated the rights of legal residents, citizens and aliens who wish to return to the United States and travel from the United States.

"The travel ban does put the U.S.in danger because it's (going to) put our allies against us, and it's going to make those people already in the USA revolt, and may result into more "attacks", freshman Natalia Bies, majoring in economics and minoring in political science, said".

The motion confirms one of the multiple scenarios that Stephen Miller, a senior policy adviser to Trump, said the White House was considering to keep the measure alive.

"Our opponents, the media, and the whole world will soon see, as we begin to take further actions, that the power of the President to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned". The appeals court also said the Supreme Court has made it clear that everyone in the US, legally or not, is entitled to due process, or the right to fair procedures before being deprived of freedom or property.

How and when a case might get to the Supreme Court is unclear. Trump's nominee, Neil Gorsuch, is unlikely to be confirmed in time to take part in any consideration of the ban, which was set to expire in 90 days unless it is changed.



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