Over 55000 USA bridges are deficient


Over 55000 USA bridges are deficient

New data from the Department of Transportation released by the American Road and Transportation Builders Association shows that at least 9 percent of bridges in 25 states are considered "structurally deficient".

The inventory of structurally deficient bridges only decreased by 0.5% in a year's time.

The information was analyzed by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association. Vehicles cross underperforming US spans 185 million times a day. The information was compiled into ARTBA's 2017 Bridge Report. The data also reveals 13,000 bridges that require widening, replacement, or major reconstruction work.

"So they're not inherently unsafe, but they are bridges where structural elements need fix", ARTBA Chief Economist Alison Black said. "It is outdated, overused, underfunded and in desperate need of modernization", Black says.

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"State and local transportation departments haven't been provided the resources to keep pace with the nation's bridge needs", Black said.

The highway trust fund that funds the construction and maintenance of America's highway system has been unable to meet the demands of said system to cope with the rising efficiency of cars. While these bridges may not be imminently unsafe, their inclusion in the U.S. DOT report indicates that they are in need of attention. If that's all the improvement that can be gained in 12 months, the group says it would take more than 20 years to improve or replace all of the bridges on the list.

The report adds more than 1,300 bridges are posted for load, which means vehicles of a certain size or weight are restricted. A bridge is classified as structurally deficient and in need of fix if its overall rating is four or below. The ones with the lowest are Washington D.C., Nevada, Delaware, Hawaii and Utah.



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