Drug catapult found at Arizona-Mexico border fence


Drug catapult found at Arizona-Mexico border fence

It appears some suspects took a page from the Middle Ages and used a catapult to chuck bundles of marijuana from Mexico into Arizona.

As agents approached the area, several people scurried off.

Border Patrol agents in the area of the Douglas Port of Entry, southeast of Tucson, on February 10 noticed a few people on the south side of the fence who ran away as the agents approached. That's when they noticed the catapult system on Mexico's side of the border.

Not far away, they seized two bundles of marijuana - weighing a combined 47 pounds.

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Drug smuggling attempts by vehicle across the U.S. -Mexico border are a frequent occurrence but, in Arizona, smugglers got extra creative, using a catapult system to launch bundles of drugs across a fence.

Mexican authorities seized the dismantled catapult system.

Daniels says as in these type situations, CBP welcomes assistance from their law enforcement partners in Mexico.

Last year, authorities at the same border crossing discovered 2,493 pounds of marijuana that had been disguised as carrots.



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