Education Dept Apologizes For Misspelling Black Leader's Name


Education Dept Apologizes For Misspelling Black Leader's Name

Slight problem being that the NAACP co-founder it was trying to cite is WEB Du Bois, reports the Washington Post.

The quote by Du Bois, which reads, "Education must not simply teach work-it must teach life", should probably be edited to include that education must also teach spelling.

After a few hours, a corrected tweet was posted along with an apology tweet reading "Post updated - our deepest apologizes for the earlier typo".

The department fixed that tweet quickly, changing "apologizes" for "apologies". Du Bois while quoting the late writer, historian and civil rights activist. Du Bois that incorrectly spelled the sociologist's last name with an "e".

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Jeff Sessions, the nominee to lead the Justice Department, for his civil rights record. Although Warren appealed the decision, a party line vote defeated the appeal.

One commenter tweeted: "Looks like @Betsy DeVos is in charge now!" referring to the billionaire GOP donor narrowly confirmed as education secretary last week with a tie-breaker vote by Vice President Mike Pence.

The tweet included a quotation attributed to W.E.B.

The Trump administration has faced mockery through February for its apparent ignorance about black history.

"I think he wants to highlight the contributions (Douglas) has made", Spicer said in a daily briefing. Ben Carson, who was nominated to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development despite having no prior experience with housing or urban policy.



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