NC Senate, House Democrats introduce HB2 repeal bills


NC Senate, House Democrats introduce HB2 repeal bills

Worries have increased by some that HB2 will prevent the state from being awarded NCAA championship events for the next five years. The bill also prohibits local governments from passing laws that allow transgender individuals to use the restroom of their choosing. "That kind of discrimination is not only cruel, but it is bad for North Carolina and it is bad for business".

More legislation has been proposed to repeal the North Carolina law known as House Bill 2, but the measures would also create LGBT anti-discrimination protections statewide.

Rep. Cecil Brockman, D-Guilford, tried to address that issue with House Bill 78, which does everything Harrison's bill does but also ratchets up the prison time for crimes committed in public bathrooms and locker rooms by as much as seven years.

An effort to repeal House Bill 2 failed in December, but Democratic lawmakers and Gov. Roy Cooper continue to press for new repeal votes in the General Assembly. Pricey Harrison of Greensboro said lost sporting events had already cost her city $24 million.

Passed early previous year by the GOP-controlled General Assembly, HB2 prohibits transgender people from using facilities that match their gender identity.

House Bill 82, also filed in the Senate, calls for a complete repeal of the controversial law and the creation of a statewide nondiscrimination law that would include, among other protected categories, sexual orientation and gender identity.

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Supporters said the proposal would send a strong message to businesses and groups like the NCAA.

In August, a judge ruled against the enforcement of the HB2 at the University of North Carolina. "Then we can say North Carolina is truly open for business". Republican legislative leaders have said they see little support for full repeal without some form of compromise.

The president of the North Carolina Family Policy Council condemned the bill as unsafe and a threat to the religious community.

So that's nice, another reminder that North Carolina is famous around the country for a law that discriminates against a group of people. "North Carolina's bathroom bill was a necessary response to the unconstitutional overreach by the City of Charlotte, and Governor Cooper ran his campaign on his ability to provide the insight and leadership to alter the law in a way that would satisfy all of our citizens". Where do you stop? Similar legislation was filed past year.

Because Republicans control both the House and the Senate, neither Harrison's nor Brockman's bill is expected to gain any traction.



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