Assad says 'terrorists' hiding among Syrian refugees


Assad says 'terrorists' hiding among Syrian refugees

"You can find it on the Net", Assad went on: "Those terrorists in Syria, holding the machine gun or killing people, they [appear as] peaceful refugees in Europe or in the West".

Regarding Trump's talks of creating safe zones in Syria to host the Syrian refugees, Assad said that such a plan is "unrealistic". Thousands of refugees have been massacred inside so-called "safe zones" during previous wars in Bosnia, Rwanda and Lebanon, which had supposedly been secured by global forces.

He further said that restoring stability to make Syria safe again is less costly, and more practical that creating safe zones.

You can not defeat the terrorism without cooperation with the people and the government of any country.

In an interview with the American Yahoo News issued Friday by state news agency SANA, the president said the report put the reputation of the organization into question.

The Syrian president said there could be a role for US troops in the fight against the Islamic State terror group in Syria - but only if the role is approved by his government as part of a "rapprochement" with Russian Federation. The US and Turkey's fight against Daesh is not in coordination with the Syrian regime.

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"It's not about significance because you don't need to have a significant number to commit atrocities", al-Assad said.

On allowing worldwide organizations to visit the prison and inspect the allegations, Assad said that such approval relies on the credibility of the organization, "because they could use such a visit to demonize the Syrian government more and more, like what is happening now". "So, I'm not going to discuss that this is right or wrong; this is American issue", the Syrian leader said. But he added that the Western media misrepresent the situation when they accuse the Syrian military of intentionally bombing hospitals and civilians. "And it's shame for such organisation to publish a report without a shred of evidence". But he declined to say whether he believes Mr. Trump's executive order attempting to bar refugee access to the United States was justified.

The Syrian justice ministry replied to the Amnesty report and said it was "completely untrue and meant to harm Syria's reputation in global forums", according to the official SANA news agency. "You can forge anything these days", Assad said.

"We're living in a fake news era", he added.

Other US politicians and officials have long supported the idea of safe zones in Syria, including Democrats such as Trump's presidential rival Hillary Clinton.

"It's not a realistic idea at all".



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